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Sodium alginate

Sodium Alginate
Molecular formula: C5H7O4COONa
CAS No.: 9005-38-3

Qingdao Rongde Seaweed Co., Ltd. is a high-tech seaweed processing enterprises and alginate manufacturer in China. The alginic acid, alginic salt, alginic ester are mainly applied in food, pharmaceutical, personal maintains industries. Production is strictly according to ISO9001, ISO14004, HACCP systems. Alginate is a kind of natural polysaccharide consisted in brown seaweed, as a natural product generated from alginic acid indwell in seaweed and minerals indwell in sea. The main alginate series include sodium alginate, potassium alginate, calcium alginate, ammoinum alginate, etc.

Main applications

In printing and textile industry
Printing paste: Sodium Alginate is an ideal printing paste. It is yellowish powder. It contains positive charge, which has mutual repulsion with electro positivity contained in reactive dyestuffs, yet it won't be covalent bonding with reactive dyestuff, and that makes dyestuffs stick to paste.
Sodium Alginate is widely applied to different kinds of textile printing, such as cotton, linen, silk and synthetic fibre. It makes printing textile to attain bright colors, sharp definition and good color yield, high color fixing and soft hand feeling. Liquid mixture with Sodium Alginate has good plasticity and flexibility. Owing to its perfect effect on textile printing and low cost, Sodium Alginate is popular in application.
Sodium Alginate with low or medium viscosity is acceptable for screen printing and hand printing. Sodium Alginate has pseudoplasticly rheology behavior. Sodium Alginate is suitable for printing fine patterns or wetondry. Good water-solubility, high water absorption and foaming capacity. Have irreversible reaction with calcium ion and become gel. As per the usage of sodium alginate, there are LV 100-300cps, MV 300-500cps, HV 500-800cps and super high over 800cps.

In food industry
Stability: ice cream, mixed drinks, cream and cheese etc.Thickening: Salads, pudding, jam, tomato juice, canned products, etc.Hydration: Noodle, vemicelli, bread, confectionery, cool and frozen products.Gelating: frozen foods imitated foods and various gel foods, protective cover for fruits, meat, poultry and aquatic products, sugar coating, stuffing etc.Products are grouped as low, medium, high and extra high four categories according to viscosity, and granular, 60-80mesh, 120-200mesh as per particle size. Adopted standard: Food Additive Sodium Alginate GB1976-2008& FCCV.

In pharmaceutical industry
Excipient, dental impression material, medical ointment, tablets etc; Haemostatic, haemostatic gauze, scald gauze, spuze, spray haemostatic etc; Has the effect of preventing and removal of radioactive element and poisonous metals.

In other industries
Papermaking starching Agriculture, Sodium alginate is material for Address Seeds, Pesticides, Anti-virus; Coating of the welding electrode, resin coating, resin coating, rubber ointment, battery seperation layer, water treatment; Cosmetics; Artificial fiber, can be synthesized with asbestos short fiber.

Safety Notes
Product should be stored in shady and cool places. Don't let it exposed to the sun. Performance won't be affected with damp.

Packaging Detail
In 25kg net each woven bag lined with plastic bag.

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