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CAS No.: 9000-07-1

Carrageenan is extracted from red algae and seaweed,a kind of nature polysaccharide. it is a chain polymer composed of galactose,3,6 innerether galactose,Ca+,Na+,K+,Mg+ sulfate ester. Different combination and constitution in sulfate ester make different types of carrageenan, Red seaweed produces three different types of carrageenan-known as kappa, Iota and Iambda carrageenan. Most commercial carrageenan products consist of a mixture of all three types. Kappa carrageenan forms a gel on cooling in the presence of potassium ions or proteins; whereas Iota carrageenan requires the presence of calcium ions to form a gel; Lambda carrageenan is incapable of forming gels, but can be used to control viscosity.

Carrageenan is white or yellowish film or fibrous material; insoluble in organic solvents and soluble in hot water, some structural types of carrageenan can be dissolved in cold water. Carrageenan has wide application in food,pharmacy,daily chemistry,biochemistry,structural coating,dyeing and agriculture industry.
Great ability to form high viscous liquid ,satisfying elasticify,transparency and solubility; Good stability,which will not degrade affer long time storage in either neutral solution or alkaline solution and will not be hydrolyzed while heated; Good combination with protein .particular reactivify with cationic protein molecule comparing to other gel.Synergistic interaction with ι- carrageenan,acacia bean gum,konjak gum, xanthan gum,etc.The interaction will improve geling property and form elastic and less-water-bled gel.

Main applications

In food industry
As gelling agent,thickener,stabilizer,suspending agent and clarifier for manufacturing cotton candy,jelly,ham,cannes meat,ice earn,beverage,cocoa milk,pudding,ice cream,baby food,beer,bread,minced fish meat,pet food.etc;

In daily chemical industry 
For manufacturing toothpaste, detergent, cosmetics, refreshing aeosol, etc;
In pharmacy industry
As suspending agent, carrying agent of microbe and immobilization cell,disperser for manufacturing capsule,etc.
In other industry

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