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Fucoidan, a special intercellular polysaccharide, which exists in the cell wall matrix, is the unique biological activity matter in brown algae. The fucoidan is extracted from the Laminaria japonicia, which is mainly consists of sulfuric ester- Fucose, and also have little quantities of galactose, mannose, xylose, arabinose, saccharic-aldehyded acid. So it’s also called algin or fucoidan & laminaran, the major effective ingredient is α-L-fucose-4-sulfuric ester. Characteristics is white or light yellow powder, pellucidly dissolved in water. A lot of experiment and clinical study shows that the product has biological activities such as enhancing immunity, fighting afainst blood coagulation, reducing blood fat., lowering blood pressure, inhibiting kidney failure, resist against tumor etc. Studies showed that it have many physiologically actives, such as inhibiting blood clotting, lowering the blood fats, repelling chronic renal-failure, anti-tumor, anti-virus, regenerating tissue, Suppressing gastric ulcer, enhancing bodies’ immunity, etc.


Main applications
1、Can be used as medicine natural active ingredient for curing tumor,heart and brain blood vessel disease as well as kidney malfunction etc.2、 Can be used to produce antioxidizing,blood fat reducing and immunity enhancing health foods.3、Can be used in high grade of cosmetics due to its good humectant and nutritional characer.4、Can be used in agricultural industry.In regulating plant mechanism it has special function.

Quality Standard for Fucoidan

Organic SO42-(%)
Heavy Metals(pb)(mg/kg)
Inorganic arsenic(mg/kg)
Total bacteria Count
Coliform Count
Pathogenic bacteria
Mercury (mg/Kg)

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