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Rongde Co., is a advanced high-tech seaweed processing enterprises. Our company has advanced seaweed processing technology in the world, and has production lines of seaweed comprehensive processing for alginates, alginic acid, iodine and seaweed plant growing agent etc. Annual production capacity of “RONGDE” brand sodium alginate 4000 tons and potassium alginate, calcium alginate, alginic acid, seaweed feed etc. Products are widely used in textile printing and dyeing, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, welding materials, agricultural, paper-making and other industries.

Alginic acid and its salts products and derivants have become important industrial raw materials with wide applications in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and textile printing industries relying on their particular features. They can be used for making ice cream, beverages, form foods, health foods, binders, biology conglutination, sustained-release and controlled-release tablets, medical dressings, dental materials, feed binders, pet food binders, facial masks, thickeners and stabilizers for cosmetics, printing thickeners, water treatment agents, welding rods and paper making additives etc.

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